Hull Associates: Medtech Consulting

Core Capabilities

A specialized government affairs and reimbursement consultancy, focusing on medical device and diagnostics issues in the major markets outside of the United States.

  • More than just strategy: We specialize in managing the relationships that are critical to successful implementation of reimbursement and market access.
  • Capacity building: We focus with our clients on building their capabilities to manage and execute solid reimbursement strategies.
  • Insight at all levels: Hull Associates successfully manages all dimensions of reimbursement, from understanding the technical aspects of payment systems to leveraging maximum political advantage of key stakeholder interests.
  • Execution: Our firm delivers fully integrated support to maximize market outcomes for medical device clients, from dossier preparation to sales force trainings and coalition building.

Seasoned medical device consultants in all major markets of the Globe. Providing reimbursement analysis, market forecasting, pricing studies and lobbying support in all the major markets.

The International Challenge

Launching medical device innovations into diverse global markets requires strategic understanding of each factor that drives reimbursement in each country. Evidence compiled for one market may be unsuitable for the next, and the sequence of market launch and decisions around pricing can have an impact across multiple markets.

Why medical technologies require unique strategies…

The fundamental nature of medical device innovation, and the way in which these products are used, often makes pharmaceutical strategies ill-suited to support device products. From the types of evidence available, to the need for clinician support and training, medical devices present unique reimbursement challenges that demand customized strategies.

While there are many consultancies today that offer general market support for diverse industries, Hull Associates is the only globally focused firm exclusively serving medical device companies. Each of our partners has 9 or more years’ experience in the industry, and we focus solely on securing market access for medical device, diagnostics and combination products.